Colorfull and tasty ready-to-eat exotics, find out more! 

Puro Gusto is the guide in the world of exotics. With Puro Gusto you are assured of READY TO EAT, Mango’s and Avocados plus the tastiest exotics from all over the world. With our packaging we explain step by step how you can best eat the exotics. For the holiday season we made the most delicous exotic recipes!

This week's fresh arrival: Figs!

The fig tree is family of the Mulberry and is originally from Asia. The figs are soft in texture and sweet. The fruits contain Vitamin A, B1 & B2. Figs have many benefits for your health. They are good for a clear skin, full of fibers and low in calories, which is why figs are often used in diets. Besides to the benefits for your health, figs are also very tasty. There are many different varities to try all year round!
  • The holidays are just around the corner. From now on you will find the tastiest and most festive dishes,

  • We have the most colorfull exotics and over the net you get to see more and more delicous looking

  • Puro Gusto zet exotisch fruit op de winkelvloer in de schijnwerpers. De verpakking presenteert de producten optimaal en biedt

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