Lime leaves

The leaves of the lime are a tremendous ingredient for a variety of Asian dishes, such as this spicy curry of vegetable meat and really adds a delicious citrus flavor to your dishes. Just one or two leaves to perfume your dishes.

You do not usually eat the leaves after using them (it’s how you would use bay leaves, just to add flavor to your dish), although you could eat them.

In general, the leaves are cut into strips for use in soups or to decorate the curry, salads, whatever. The fresh leaves are the best, although they can also be frozen (which is something I do with the leaves of my lime tree to always have leaves available) but once thawed, they quickly lose their flavor. On the other hand, the frozen leaves usually tend to harden a little and although that is not a problem for a curry, it may be that raw salads are not very rich to use after the freezing process. In that case it is better not to use them or cut them really thin.


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